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We offer services in the following areas

Structural Engineering

  • Static linear and non-linear analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Design of concrete, steel , masonry, timber and aluminum structures
  • Remedial works to both and steel and concrete structures
  • Structural audits

Civil Engineering

  • Roads and pavements
  • Culverts and bridges
  • Earthworks
  • Stormwater drainage works
  • Earth retaining structures

Foundation Engineering

  • Shallow foundations
  • Deep foundations
  • Reinforced earth
  • Design of deep pile foundations for bridges

Mechanical Engineering

  • Piping systems
  • Conveyors
  • Bins/Silos

3D Scanning

  • Onsite 3D Scanning
  • Internal Equipment and Technicians
  • Overlaying and Registration of Scan Data
  • Refinement of Point Cloud Data
  • Extraction and Preparation of Colourised 3D Point Cloud
  • Onsite (real time) Review of Point Cloud Data
  • As-Built Modelling of Point Cloud Data

For Construction Documentation

  • For Construction Detailed Drawings
  • Scope of Works
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Specifications
  • Other as required

Project Management

  • Preparation of Scope of Works
  • Construction Sequence Planning
  • Workpack Preparation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Cost Management
  • Database and Systems Management
  • Secondment

Point Cloud Processing

  • Importing 3D Point Clouds
  • Cleaning and Editing of 3D Point Clouds
  • Modelling of 3D Point Cloud Data
  • Clash Analysis through Overlay of 3D Point
  • Cloud over Exisiting 3D Model


Champion Engineers Pty Ltd has a strong focus on industrial structures and systems including heavy industrial design.

We reiterate that in addition to the industrial sector, we possess capability in a range of other sectors and have successfully completed a considerable amount of work for local authorities, builders, sporting clubs and developers.

Our capability is enhanced by the fact that we have a very thorough understanding of disciplines within which we operate. The systems and procedures employed by our firm complement our technical strengths and ensure we produce the best quality work and generate innovative solutions that are appropriate and satisfy client requirements. These systems include computer hardware and software, quality assurance, project and cost control systems.

In addition to in-house technical resources, we maintain cost contact with external mechanical engineering and materials handling expertise. We are able to call on assistance from these resources when the need arises.




Our technical staff has a sound understanding of project management and has worked in project management roles in the past. They have also had involvement in shutdown work and understand the importance and necessity of careful planning and scheduling of work for shutdowns to maximize efficiency. We appreciate and understand the requirements of managing small to medium sized projects with the dollar value of these projects ranging up to several million dollars.

We work in close association with a company that specializes in the management of medium to large projects including design and construct projects. Where necessary and appropriate, we are able to operate in close correlation with this company to manage projects that require specialized project management skills.


Champion Engineers Pty Ltd has incorporated office procedures and equipment to allow us to produce work effectively and in a timely manner. We maintain cost control systems that allow us to determine project costs at any given time. The utilization of this resource provides our firm with the ability to minimize the potential for cost overruns without prior warning, and we believe that ultimately, this leads to a happier relationship with clients.